Team of D'STRAT

Ideas are based on sense & experience

Team D'STRAT draws its strength from the fact that, here, ideas are respected. In fact people are encouraged to think different. Wherever you are, whatever you do, your ideas matter. This philosophy helps us integrate diverse thoughts, sensibilities and mindsets into one beautiful whole. Each person is carefully picked based not just on his expertise but also on his interests, focus and future goals. Be it client servicing, planning, creative or operations, people are given a chance to explore the uncharted vistas of their minds & hearts.

Shashi B. Srivastava

Founder and Chairman

Our Founder and managing director has 19 years of industry experience in retail marketing communication and advertising. A marketing communication specialist in Retail, Exhibition and Events, Shashi B. Srivastava has vast experience managing retail communication and merchandising projects.

Sangeeta Srivastava

Founder and Director

Our director Sangeeta Srivastava looking after the administration, finance and accounts.